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The hacking world is a fascinating one. It's easy to lose a few hours following the battle between the whitehats and blackhats. There's got to be a movie or ten in there somewhere.

Hacker links and more info

Want to know more? Start with these sites:

Hacker Ethics - From attrition.com (mentioned again below). This selection of articles and postings is by far the best introduction to the culture of hacking I've ever seen. It's not technical, more about psychology and the relationship between hackers and society. The most interesting pieces are around the middle of the list.

SecurityFocus - A full-on corporate site, but full of great articles about hacking and anti-hacking techniques.

Techniques Adopted By System Crackers - excellent introduction to hacking techniques. From 1998, but the principles remain the same (except maybe that hackers now put more effort into attacking Port 80).

Attrition - used to show the latest hacked sites, with screenshots, but stopped when the numbers became too great.

Alldas.de - has taken up the baton, showing defaced sites on an hourly basis.

Whitehats - in the hacking game there are blackhats and whitehats. All a bit John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, but if your technical knowledge is up to the task, this is another interesting site where you can learn who's firing the arrows and who's running out of ammunition.

Insecure.org - another fine site for the technically minded.

Cult of the Dead Cow - once a cool hacking site, now the Web site equivalent of a famous personality, so a bit self-referential, yet still full of quality stuff below the surface.

The Tao of Windows Buffer Overflow - an example of a fine article from Cult of the Dead Cow. Ever wondered what buffer overflow really means? Wonder no longer.

Antionline - read that as Anti-Online. Another high-profile hacking site.

Hacker Tools Revisited
About.com looks at hacking tools (November 99)

Digital detectives. ZDNet story about a security expert.

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