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Archived article from the year 2000
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Nine ways to improve your Internet security.

Security tips

Here are nine things you can do to improve your security on the Internet:

  1. Don't open email attachments unless you are expecting them.
  2. Check for the closed padlock or key symbol in the browser window when entering your credit card details and other personal information on a Web site.
  3. Only download software from sites you trust.
  4. Assume all your emails are read by other people.
  5. Use anti-virus software and keep the virus recognition data file up to date.
  6. Use the latest version of your operating system and web browsers.
  7. Use good passwords - not names or words you'd find in a dictionary.
  8. Don't store important passwords on your machine or in a password saver.
  9. Install a firewall. They're not as complicated as you might think.

That's it. Enjoy the Internet. If you take these elementary precautions, you've reduced your risk to the minimum and the chances of something bad happening are extremely low.

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