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UK Usability Companies and other Links

Note: companies are only listed here if their Web site includes a list of clients and/or technical material.

One of the few UK usability companies that clearly specialises in accessibility too. Clients include National Health Service and Guardian Media.

Popular usability company based in London. Clients include 3com and HSBC. A couple of white papers are available on demand from the site.

A fine site from this usability company (Irish, but with a London office) containing many worthwhile links and in-house articles in the Infocentre section.

UK company specialising in forms, well-known throughout the world. The site features tutorials and case studies.

Usability by Design
Outspoken company that gives out a wooden spoon award for bad usability - including one to amazon.co.uk. Major clients include British Airways and John Lewis. Some contentious opinions here make for interesting reading and a mixture of smiles and frowns. The Quotes section is excellent.

Expanding usability and accessibility consultancy based in London. Regularly publishes interesting articles in the resources section.

System Concepts
Clients from Citibank to Marks and Spencer. Some great case studies available, including accessibility assessments at BBCi.

Serco Usability Services
Clients include Comet and BBC News Online. Excellent Research section with many white papers available.

The Usability Company
As used by Barclays and MTV. Good links page in the Resource section.

Claims to be the first UK usability company. The site contains 20 free usability articles including an interesting usability checklist. Clients include Microsoft bCentral, Inland Revenue and Cambridge University.

Flow Interactive
Another cool Brit usability company. Clients include Design Council and MSN.

Corporate Solutions Consulting
Glaxo Wellcome and Royal & SunAlliance are on their client list.

Optimum web
Clients include Nationwide and WHSmith

Their client list shows Egg and Xerox, amongst others.

UK Usability Professionals' Association
Local chapter of the international organisation.

British HCI Group
Not a bad site these days, with a frequently updated news section. It was originally aimed at academics, but has changed to become more practical.

International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
... included here as an interesting item of Internet archaeology rather than for any other reason. Curious UK academic papers on usability from 1997.

Fancy a laugh?
If you're into usability, try the site of this French design company, Spill.net. I'm a Francophile, but not in this case.


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