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Computers as a threat

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Bill Joy, Chief Scientist and co-founder of Sun Microsystems, has some interesting things to say about scientific progress and how well it fits with survival of the human race. Whether you agree with him or not, he brings up issues that need to be discussed.

There are two main elements to his views. The first is that machines will soon become more intelligent than human beings, and so they will become the dominant race.

The second is that maybe this is irrelevant because before it happens some human nutter is likely to bioengineer a virus that wipes most of us out. The recent history of Internet software viruses shows the potential.

He's a great speaker. If you've got the time, download the mp3 file from Stanford University and hear him explain his point of view. If you have less time, try the transcript.

mp3 download

Other options, including streaming audio

Transcript of the talk

Here's an article by Bill in Wired magazine, "Why the future doesn't need us", that concentrates on the computers-as-a-superior race element. Could have been called Terminator Fifteen, but happily it wasn't.

And here's a couple of links related to the article.

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