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I'm Andrew Starling, editor of Tinhat.com. My background is in journalism and computing. I'm CTO of a small software company specialising in analysis of big data. Tinhat is an independent side-venture. In the past I was editor of the Web Developer's Journal, European Semiconductor, and Technology Editor of the UK's Internet Magazine.

I started Tinhat back in 1999, when I was researching an article about Amazon and I got into a fight with their servers, which I realised held an electronic version of me. A version I had no control over.

Initially Tinhat was devoted to internet security and then web usability, and now it's morphed into something more anthropological. We are in the early Digital Age and it's a huge big deal, yet hardly anybody is writing about this era.


You can email me at the following address: ajs-at-foxglove.co.uk. It's written that way to avoid automated address harvesters. Mention Tinhat in your subject line to avoid my junk filters.


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Views that don't match mine are welcome. If you have a cogent argument against something I say then I may be prepared to publish it for you.


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