On the Digital Age



Goodbye paper and paperwork jobs
You can measure how safe your job is by how much paper is involved.

Counting your friends
Previously we had close friends and casual friends. Now there's a new category, Facebook friends.

A profile is a broadcast
A simple Facebook profile page is a method of broadcasting, even if that isn't its prime intention.

Teach me something that Google can't
It's a big step to realise that we don't need to learn how to spell or divide big numbers, but it's broadly true.

Every imaginable peer group
In the past, if you had an oddball obsession you'd rarely chance upon somebody who shared your view. Now it's easy. You'll find them on the web.


The chances are that over half your waking hours are spent looking at a screen. We are screen-operators. This is our main function in the Digital Age.


Just as the internet has offered new avenues for law-abiding people, it's given new opportunities for criminals. It's a wonderful world for wrong-doers.


It's not information overload, it's distraction overload
A fine example of an Internet search turning into a scenic journey.


The robots are late
Maybe when thinking robots finally do arrive they can help improve our technology predictions. We might have to wait a while.

Speech wreck ignition
In theory we should be talking to our computers, just like they do on the sci-fi movies. But we're not. Don't hold your breath.

We are cyborgs
How electronic devices expand human capabilities.

We communicate more
In the Digital Age, more methods, more communication.


Approximate dates for the introduction of digital technology.


The Digital Age and distractions

Mix 1
Flamenco, The Lion Whisperer, A Stroke of Insight, Robot dog, Led Zeppelin

Mix 2
Jacqueline du Pre, If I die on Mars, Train porn, Nao robot, Valentina Lisitsa plays Rachmaninoff

Mix 3
Grinding the crack, How countries are developing, LSD testing on British troops, Education needs to change, Theme from The Piano

Mix 4
Fastest drive around San Francisco, NSA responds to Edward Snowden, Star Wars environmentalist version, the future of Apple Facebook Google and Amazon, Amy Winehouse sings Valerie

Mix 5
1979 car assembly, Amazon warehouse robots, All online data lost, What's wrong with education, Valentina Lisitsa plays La Campanella

Mix 6
Game of Thrones intro, Drone attack protocol, Vonnegut on the shape of stories, European Space Agency trailer, Pendulum - Slam

Mix 7
Robot cleaner fouls up, Korean girls taste American snacks, John West salmon ad, Arthur C Clarke predicts the future, Future Loop Foundation


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