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Children are more likely to hand over sensitive information to an Internet site than adults. It's important to give them guidelines about where to draw the line.

Internet abuse of children's trust

The Internet presents a second danger when it's used by children. Not only do they have to be protected from unsuitable content, they also need to be warned not to send detailed information to inquisitive Web sites.

Some unscrupulous operators have cottoned on to the fact that it's easier to get personal information from children than from adults. The classic ploy is to offer a free toy (which of course never arrives) in exchange for entering personal details in a form. For example what's your address, name, telephone number, what kind of car does your family have, what are the email addresses of your parents, when will you next go on holiday, when should we avoid delivering your gift because the house will be empty - you get the idea.

If your child uses the Internet, you need to warn them about giving information. Where you draw the line is up to you. A Yahoo! or Hotmail email address might be OK to give, but as soon as the information becomes personal, you need to get involved.

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